Our Export Area


India has marked itself among the top countries that are growing with a fast pace. Our country is catering the demands of the foreign markets with its assortment of products and services. Making a top position in the global market requires skills and quality matching the international standards. With our finest array of products our company Sedona has set up its range of high quality products across the globe.

Now a days India is one of the fastest growing country in this globalised world. There are various types of demand for various products across the world

Export Packing Details

Gvt / PGVT Tiles


Tile Size 600 x 600 mm 600 x 1200 mm
Tile Thickness (Approx) 8.9 mm 9.6 mm
Coverage/box (sqm.) 1.44 Sqm. 1.44 Sqm.
Pieces/Box (Approx) 4 Pcs 2 Pcs
Boxes/Pallet 40 Box 60 & 25 Box
Pallet/Container 25 Pallet 12 & 6 Pallet
Boxes/Container 1000 Box 870 Box
Sqm/Container 1440 Sqm. 1252.80 Sqm.
Weight/Box (Approx) 28.5 Kgs 32 Kgs